Car Life Hacks Saves Money

Car Life Hacks Saves Money

Life-saving Car Hacks is for those who want to save their money on car maintenance.

1.) Penny Trick:

Penny trick is used to check whether your car tire is in good condition or not.

Just place the penny in the tire treads and if tread covers the penny’s head then the shape of your tire. But the tread doesn’t touch the head of penny then its time to replace the tires.

2.) Key Fob Range:

When your car is parked in a place like malls where thousands of cars are parked and it becomes difficult to figure out your car then you can easily figure out the exact location of your car by increasing the range of Key Fob.

3.) Laundry Bags:

If your car gets crowded with changes clothes, work supplies, and grocery bags then you can keep laundry bags to keep all the stuff. The organizer will give you a good feeling while drive and you can easily empty those bags when you reach home.

4.) Say goodbye to bumper stickers:

The bumper sticker is used to express your thoughts or a cause. But peeling off the sticker can ruin your car. To settle glue marks what you can do is pour some water and remove the marks with the help of a damp newspaper. After 15 minutes the residue will get soft and you can easily wipe it out.

5.) Use socks in the wiper blades

If you are driving in wet weather then you can wrap socks around the wipers so that in case it gets damaged or gets off then it can give a scratch. Socks can save your car from getting damaged.

6.) Toothpaste:

When headlights of the car get cloudy which can affect your car performance then what you can do is use a little bit of toothpaste to clean the dirt from the headlights. Toothpaste has a property to remove the tiny scratches and will make your headlights shine again.

7.) Use of Hand Sanitizer for Frozen Locks:

If your car’s door gets locked in winters then you can use the hand sanitizer to get of the problem by using the hand sanitizer which works as lubrication to open the door locks.

8.) Nail Paint for fixing the damaged window:

Sometimes small stones spoil the window by giving some cracks to your window and arise may the need for expensive window replacement.

If you want to fill the damaged area at a low cost then you can apply a thin layer of nail paint. This layer of nail paint will prevent the crack from growing and will be completely invisible.


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