Car Dealer Locator's History : A Different Kind of Platform

Car Dealer Locator was started by Jeff Trimble and Jack Kragg, longtime friends. Jeff worked in the auto industry, and Jack worked in digital marketing. They both noticed that shopping for cars online, specifically, as it relates to dealership websites, was in need of a change. Jeff and Jack’s solution to this problem? Build a directory to help customers find vehicles at a local dealership quickly and without stress.

The mission behind their new website was to give vehicle shoppers an easy-going browsing experience. Other sites ask buyers to provide their personal information, which can be bought and sold on the internet. What we specialize in is giving consumers all the information they need to find a dealership without abusing their trust.

When your dealership adds its information to our directory, your store can engage directly with buyers. Your dealership’s digital visibility will increase on all search engines. Adding your store’s info to the website means that all you have to do is sign up and watch the search engine ranking of your dealership increase. The competition doesn’t stand a chance!

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Jeff Trimble

Jeff worked for 15 years at several car dealerships and saw first-hand how frustrating the process could be for his sales team to boost sales or meet sales goals relying on third-party leads. Jeff decided to give his college buddy Jack Kragg a call and see if he couldn’t pick his brain about addressing this issue. Jeff loved putting folks in the car of their dreams and watching them roll off the lot. He knew he could create something that could benefit both the shopper and the dealer.

Jack Kragg

Jack had worked for 15 years in digital marketing. He got a call one day from his old college buddy Jeff Trimble. Jeff wanted to create a website that could streamline the car buying process for customers and also allow dealerships to rely solely on first-generation leads. He wanted to know from Jack if that idea had been done before, and more importantly if it could even be a reality. Jack loved the idea and decided to go into business with his friend bringing this self-described ‘wonderful little tool’ to life. Car Dealer Locator was born three years ago because of Jeff’s vision, Jack’s know-how, and both men’s tremendous passion.